Make it Memorable

These days, weddings are all about being creative with the way you do every tiny thing. From the decor to the favors, a lot of attention is paid to details and you’re in luck because we’ve put together a brilliant article on how to ensure that your wedding catering is on top of the game

Whatever Size Or Style

The bite-sized option

A trendier option for wedding catering involves serving small bites. Mini-bites of each different food lets guests sample a wide variety of options. Since this catering type doesn’t require seating, guests are free to roam around, much like a cocktail reception, which is a good option if you don’t want to serve anything but hors d’oeuvres. Cocktail receptions also encourage guests to mingle with one another.

Family style

In this setting, guests stay at their tables as they do in the plated style, but rather than the food being served by the staff, the guests serve themselves from the dishes on their tables. This style may be more expensive since more serving dishes may need to be rented, and just like the buffet, ample amounts of food need to be available. But it gives an open and family atmosphere to the reception.

The buffet

The buffet is another type of catering often seen at wedding receptions. Since the caterer won’t know the exact amount of food that the guests will eat, the price for food will be higher — but you also won’t have to pay for waiters. If you want a more casual and laid back style for your reception, there is a lot to be said for buffet-style catering. Guests can feel free to eat whatever and however much they would like.

The plated dinner

The most traditional and formal option—the plated dinner—is arguably the most popular. In this type of catering, guests stay seated at their tables and choose from two or three different options on the menu. Servers are available to wait on the tables and serve the meals. This type of catering involves detailed menu planning, but provides reception with a sense of formality and flow that the other catering options lack. Plated dinners an also make costs more predictable.

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